Couleur Cafe bio
Couleur Cafe bio


Couleur Café Bio is a craft company located in Saint Romain-le-Puy (42) producing various products.  It’s main activity is roasting coffee from around the world.

Roasting is an art of roasting which involves a proportion of the heat, the grill and the cooking time for coffee. 

Neither too much nor too little: the right measure. The roasting is done in a tank heated to 195 ° (for pure origins coffees) and 200 ° (mixed with little of Robusta coffee). 
During the roasting procedure, the grain expands while losing 15 to 20% of its weight. Gradually releasing its moisture, the grain begins to be colored as yellow 
The Pyrogenic decomposition starts and the grain then takes a typical coloration ranging from light brown to brown. At this stage, the beans crackles and forms very volatile aromatic oil on cafféol (also called caféone) It is this oil that gives flavor to the      cafe. 
These coffees are roasted every week at Saint Romain LePuy, in the traditional way meeting the organic standards, certified by  Qualite         France 

Far from standardized tasting coffees, enjoy a high quality coffee in encouraging both organic farming, fair trade (our green coffee imports by Peru SALDAC) and local handicrafts.



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